Why does phpMyAdmin take so long per page load? Rename c:\Wamp.NET\manager\public\3rd-party\pma\config.sample.inc.php to config.inc.php and change localhost to Why does adminer take so long per page load? Connect to, not to localhost. Why does PHP have a stop/start option? This is only required for sites using Nginx, not for Apache. Why has package xyz not been updated? This is usually due to insignificant changes or a lack of support for 3rd party modules/plugins. What if I need version x.x.x of a particular package? Let me know from the contact page. Why am I having problems installing package xyz? Refer to the Wamp.NET.log for more info. This will allow you to see errors. Why am I getting "DLL not found" errors when starting an instance? Make sure you have the correct runtimes installed per package for the correct architecture. Why does my database driven site take 1 second to load each page? Change database host to an IP address instead of a hostname e.g. instead of localhost. Why does firefox give certificate warnings? By default, the Windows trusted root store is not used by firefox. To change this, navigate to about:config and change security.enterprise_roots.enabled to true. Why does my Nginx sites respond with "Bad Gateway"? Have you started the PHP instance assigned to your Nginx instance? Why does my Nginx sites respond with "Bad Gateway" after 500 requests? The PHP CGI daemon quits automatically after 500 requests by default. You can add a system variable called PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN and set the value to 1:

This will ensure there is always a child process available.