Use the installer to install the latest available version (internet connection required).

To install manually, perform the following steps:

When you execute Wamp.NET.exe, your default browser will navigate to by default. These settings can be changed in the Wamp.NET.ini file.



Packages are installed by clicking the add package button on the status screen.

All packages need to be started before they can be used except for PHP when Apache is being used as the webserver.

When installing a package, you will be able to select the interface they will bind to. By default, it will be localhost or meaning they will only be accessable from the machine where Wamp.NET is installed. To allow connections from other machines, select either (all interfaces) or a specific interface.

Packages started will remain running if you close the Wamp.NET application from the system tray but will not survive a reboot. To have packages start automatically when your PC starts, select the Service checkbox on the status page.



When you create a new site, you specify a domain e.g. example.local and a path to the site's document root e.g. C:\Wamp.NET\sites\example.local\

You'll be shown the available webserver packages i.e. Apache or Nginx as well as the available PHP versions that you have installed.

When you click create, a config file for the webserver you have chosen gets created and the webserver is restarted. The domain also gets added to your hosts file and an SSL certificate created.

Note: deleting a site does not remove the files in your document root and is perfectly safe to do.


CLI App Switcher

The app switcher lets you switch between php and mysql versions for the command line i.e when you launch cmd.exe, the selected version will be used.